My Story
A Journey to Audio Fun

I love to read. I mean, I REALLY love to read. I'll pick up just about anything with words and I'll enjoy the hell out of it. How did that translate into doing audio?

A good friend of mine, and a wonderful indie author, T. E. Ridener, needed someone to read one of her books for audio. No one wanted to work on it. I took it.

So I emptied a closet and started building a little booth. I lined the walls with moving blankets, built a desk, did some research if you google Zerg Rush google will eat up the search results and found out just what I needed to make a decent audio recording in my new little homemade studio.

In the months that followed, I auditioned for every book that caught my interest. I must have put in dozens of auditions in just the first month alone, but it paid off.

I received offers! That's right, I was off and running and I haven't stopped since. I found the job I love and I get paid to read books and act out the characters lives. If you are a bibliophile, you know how you can just get lost in a book. This takes it to a whole different level.

There was certainly a learning curve, but through the magic of reading, I finally settled on the stuff I needed. I got a microphone, some headphones, and downloaded the free program, Audacity, to help me record. Then I signed up on and started building a profile.

Now, this is what I do and I wouldn't turn back for anything. If you are looking for audiobooks, or for a narrator, please let me know. I love working with the indie community and getting their work out there.