All About Me

My name is Molly King, hence the MK. Get it? Of course you do. First a little about me. I'm a freelance worker, living in Texas and I'm currently loving life. I recently started not one, but two businesses, one of which is a non-profit outreach for the community. I love to give and I love to spread kindness!

About MK Audio

The goal of this website is to network and reach out to indie and non authors as well as other narrators, podcasters, animators, anyone who needs audio type work. I love being in the booth, it's my safe place away from a word of chaos and, sometimes, misery. I would love to help you expand the reach of your product, get your name out there, and increase your reader or listenership!

Social Connections

On my Facebook business page (search @MKaudio26 on Facebook) I run random trivia, promotions, and Q&A's. Each participant is entered into a pot for a chance to win free audiobooks. First correct answer on trivia will receive a free audiobook. Last but not least, I will trade audiobooks in exchange for a free review on either Amazon, Audible, or Goodreads. Please, stop by my Facebook page and say hello!

I'm also on Twitter @MKAudioTx and I will soon start running a few fun things over there as well, separate from the Facebook page. If you interested in fun and the possibility of free books from yours truly, find me on social, drop me a line, and tune in for fun.

**Participation and trivia winners receive either a free promo code for a book of their choice, or I can email them the book of their choosing.

***For obvious reasons, trade for review will be given one of my books

****All free promos are while supplies last (I do have a few codes for UK listeners as well)

Hey look, it's me. Yes the hair is blue. Don't I just look like the kind of person who likes to have a good time?

Other Interests:

Reading (duh)

Animal Rescue

Hot Tea



Board Games

Anything remotely geeky